Willow’s first Novel out now!

Willow the Vampire and the Sacred Grove is now out as a paperback novel, available at Amazon.com (ISBN 978-1468114683). After spending two years on writing, editing and getting to grips with how to promote and publish the novel, I’m immensely relieved that it’s now there for all to see…and I can finally move on to part two of the series!

My first German language Willow story recently appeared on http://www.my-shortstory.de and so far it has exceeded my expectations with regard to downloads. Perhaps I should start paying more attention to my German language “market” – if I don’t succeed as an author in the over-saturated English language vampire genre…who knows…what might be in store for me in other markets? Optimism, that’s the ticket, as my writer friend Rachel keeps telling me!

Here’s wishing all first time authors Good Luck with all their writing ventures.


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