Message from an absent Friend

book92 with quill and inkI really must apologise for not having posted for such a long time – work commitments and moving out of my home office and into a proper office/artists’ studio have all taken their toll. I’m generally getting up at 4am and start work soon after…YAWN.

Normal blogging services will resume next month, when I’ve had a chance to write up new themes I want to tackle for this blog.

To the person”O” who left a message, wondering how to set up his/her own children’s book of 28 pages: I’ve used to publish my first Willow novel as one can choose lots of different templates depending on what size one wants for a book. They also have templates for covers that allow you to upload your own photographs or artwork. The print quality is very good.

Before deciding on a suitable size for your children’s book, go to your library or book store and see what established writers have used for a book aimed at the same age range. Take a ruler or tape measure with you and write down the size of the books you liked best; don’t forget to count the words on each page, if you’re planning to publish a picture book for the same age range. This will make sure you won’t end up with more than 2 empty pages, which is all Createspace allows you to have.

If any of you writers out there have used or other such self-publishing services you were very happy with, perhaps you can let us know and give us tips. Createspace have their own community of writers giving handy tips and I used that extensively, while setting up my own book.

until the next time…

Ghost_househugs from an absent friend and fellow creature of the night

(and NO, what you see to your right is NOT my new office address!)


5 thoughts on “Message from an absent Friend

    • You are very kind…and patient! Every time I think there’s a quiet moment where I can start your book, something urgent comes along – I must work and earn money…sigh…but I hate money! Let’s all go back to bartering, shall we?


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