About the Author

Maria Thermann is a bilingual freelance copywriter and author. She moved to the UK more than 30 years ago and currently lives in London. Her professional background is in magazine publishing.

Some of her work appears chapter by chapter on Jukepopserials.com and she has published a series of ebooks on outlets like Amazon Kindle, Apple iTunes, Sony, Google Play, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Bookrix.com, Scribd.com and Thalia.de among others. Sales links to her work can be found at Maria’s Stories from the Hearth blog site on the Books for Purchase page.

Current WIP: Maria is busy writing the second instalment of Willow’s adventures: “Willow the Vampire & the Wuerzburg Ghosts”, a ghostly tale aimed at readers 8 to 12.

Her murder mystery for grown-up readers, “Mrs Arbuthnot takes a Trip down Memory Lane”, is already appearing chapter by chapter on Jukepopserials. This is an English language adventure in the Inspector Beagle investigates series.

Her first German language short story collection in this series has already been published as an ebook and a snippet of this book can be enjoyed for FREE at her Goodreads author page http://www.goodreads.com/mariathermann. A feature length German language Inspector Beagle murder mystery is currently in the final stages and will shortly become available as an ebook and print edition.

Maria’s Inspector Beagle murder mysteries are set in the fictional town of Mumsgate in 1940’s war torn Britain and deal with the complexities of upholding the law when Hitler & Co’s unwanted visits are doing their best to disrupt Inspector Beagle’s investigations. There may not be any fuel for the police car, sausage and egg for breakfast or guns to enforce the law, but there’ll always be plenty of humanity and humour, as far as Mumsgate’s police force is concerned.

Like any professional writer she works on several book projects at once. “The House Detective” is a children’s adventure novel aimed at age range 9-12. Meet 10-year-old Stevie and the mysterious house detective Hamish Fensterlein and you’ll find yourself up to your ears in magical mayhem, for the two are hunting run-away houses and try to solve a medieval mystery. Watch out for evil dwarves, estate agents with a grudge and school bullies along the way!

Samples of Maria Thermann’s writing can also be found at:

http://www.authorsden.com/mariathermann, http://mariathermann.wordpress.com, http://amazon.com/author/mariathermann and at her Bookrix.com and Goodreads.com author profile pages.

NB: Stinkforth’s vampire community hopes you will enjoy reading samples from Willow the Vampire’s adventures on this site. If you don’t, we’ll eat you!


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