The Little Book of Ghosts

Copyright Maria ThermannThe Little Book of Ghosts is a collection of mostly non-fictional stuff about the paranormal in general and ghosts in particular. To make the book more personal and relate to my own childhood, I’m referencing Northern Germany’s folklore and ghost-lore, translating a few ancient ghost stories that have lingered in my mind through the decades.

The book will also be providing facts about the most haunted houses and castles in Europe  and what kind of paranormal activities people believed in during the Middle Ages. And there’s also a bit about modern science researchers into claims of paranormal activity employ to get to the bottom of spectres, apparitions and ghosts (not quite that literally in most cases at least).

The book will contain a couple of so of my own attempts of writing spine-tingling ghost stories, so young readers can try out their newly acquired ghost-busting knowledge. Publication date not fixed yet, but should be published early December 2015.

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