The Little Book of Halloween

Copyright Maria ThermannThe Little Book of Halloween was to have been published early this October, using self-publishing platform Bookrix. However, I’d never realised how complicated it is to upload files with lots of artwork/images in them. It took ages to get the book to look “acceptable”, if not great. When I finally clicked the “sell” button, I received a message a couple of days later that the various ebook publishers had rejected the book on account of a few chapters not being “formatted correctly”. According to Bookrix’s message, the first line of each paragraph was no longer indented, even though the chapters had been uploaded that way.

Since the whole book looked a bit “pants” anyway, because Bookrix won’t allow authors to position the images with wraparound text and can’t facilitate size adjustments either, I decided to delete the book and start afresh, making it a far better book and publishing it in print format on Createspace and in digital format via Draft2Digital instead. I’m nearly done putting the new file together for upload. Fingers crossed that this time it will work and look good.

Like The Little Book of Ghosts, this book is also mostly non-fictional, brimming with facts about pumpkins, Halloween origins and customs. As a trick-and-treat I’ve thrown in a couple of Halloween-themed short stories prepared in my own cauldron.



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