Willow the Vampire & the Wuerzburg Ghosts

Copyright Maria ThermannA school trip to Wuerzburg in Germany throws Willow and her friends Darren and Felicity headlong into a new adventure. Having just escaped the fangs of her evil Great Uncle, Willow must now pit her wits against a number of vengeful ghosts, the dead souls of men, women and children who were cruelly murdered, burned as witches by the mad, bad prince-bishops of Wuerzburg several centuries earlier. Kind-hearted Willow unwittingly unleashes the ghosts’ wrath on the citizens of the city, when she agrees to help the ghosts find “rest” from their twilight existence. Little does she know, the ghosts have a hidden agenda and “rest” is the last thing on their minds.

All my books feature an element of real history. Having done the research into witch-hunts and witchcraft, the regional heritage, the history of Wuerzburg and the reasons that led otherwise perfectly respectable and normal citizens to accuse their neighbours of practicing magic and being in league with the Devil, I’m now busy writing the novel. Aimed at readers 8-12, my children’s book should eventually weigh in at around 80,000 words. So far, I’ve managed to write the first 4 chapters. Phew, only another 50,000 words to go…


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